FAQs – General

At Lombardo Chiropractic Clinic we pride ourselves in offering each and every patient individualized care. Every patient is unique. It’s just not about treating neck or low back pain the same way on every patient. We have a comprehensive approach to treating patients so nothing is overlooked. Many types of problems are commonly seen in our office. Problems such as headaches, neck or low back pain, carpal tunnel, and Sciatica are some of the most common.
A typical initial visit consists of a doctor taking a complete health history, a physical exam, and x-rays if needed. If needed, the doctor will order therapy like electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, or massage. On the next visit the x-rays are reviewed with the patient and they receive their spinal adjustment. The type of adjustments given here are very safe, quick and painless. All ages can be treated safely. There is no need to fear having a chiropractic adjustment here in our office! Patients are welcome to call and schedule a consultation.
Remember, we here at Lombardo Chiropractic Clinic adjust by Activator Methods and the Activator instrument. This method means there is never anv twisting or cracking of the spine. This is why children through senior citizens can be adjusted without any fear, safely and painlessly. Please feel free to find further information about Activator at www.Activator.com. We are always happy to answer and welcome any questions our readers have about any problems or conditions that may be interfering with your life or of that of a loved one. If you have never tried chiropractic or did not respond to it in the past, please give us a call. We have extensive appointment hour available to accommodate most busy schedules.
We look forward to hearing from you!