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I’ve been practicing chiropractic in the Daytona Beach area for 38 years. I was the second female chiropractor in the Daytona area. I did my undergraduate work at the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota and my chiropractic education at Northwestern College of Chiropractic. I graduated in 1980.


I enjoy bicycling, boating, strength training and baking. Perhaps my greatest joy is the reward of returning patients to a normal, happy life through the care we provide at Lombardo Chiropractic Clinic.



I grew up in Jamestown, NY a small town in western NY. I moved to Daytona Beach in 1979 to attend college. I was greatly suffering from migraine headaches. I sought out many doctors and treatments without relief. I then became a chiropractic patient of Dr. Lombardo’s in 1991. After only 1 week of treatments, my headaches were gone! 


Because of how chiropractic had changed my life, I decided to become a chiropractor myself. I moved my family to Seneca Falls, NY to attend New York Chiropractic College. I graduated with honors in 1997. I moved my family yet again to Pittsburgh, PA where I was in practice for 8 years. 


Our Clients Say

I have been involved in sports my whole life. Having surfed 3-4 days/week in central Fl since 1966 I had my share of overuse stress to the neck and shoulders from years of paddling. And every now and then a violent wipeout can give you one of Mother Nature’s not so good adjustments to your spine. The team at Lombardo uses the activator style of adjustments that are very precise and optimally beneficial to keeping me in the water and free from pain. I have tried many forms of rehab, but none equals what they can do for you – painlessly. And their physical therapists are first class. Dr. Becky and Stephanie have really helped this 61-year-old surfer stay fit and recover at times from some tweaks – I’ll just say it that way. And they all are dedicated, caring professionals in this office too. Dave Hoover thanks!


Great care, great people and a great atmosphere. I’ve no regrets coming here for the help I needed.



  • Amanda Lee

    The most experienced Doctors, caring therapists, attentive staff, and proven method for correcting and maintaining spinal health in Ormond Beach!

    Diana Crabtree Stearns

    Very caring doctors. I would never consider going anywhere else for treatment. I encourage everyone to visit Lombardo Chiropractic for any chiropractic needs.

    Lori Koplin

    I have the best doctor taking care of me. Not only does Dr. Bruno help with my back and neck pain with regular adjustments, she has helped prevent or lessen the symptoms of strep throat, colds, and other illnesses. I am thankful that I can call whenever I am feeling bad and know I will be leaving feeling 100% better. Thank you Dr. Becky Bruno for the excellent care!

  • Gary Langley

    I'm always so impressed with the professionalism of all the staff and that they keep to the doctors' schedules. I seldom wait for an appointment!

    Sandra Williams Adams

    Dr.Bruno helped relieve my back pains without leaving me sore afterwards. Love this practice and Dr. Becky Bruno!!!

    Lisa Lee Konietzky

    Dr. Lombardo and her crew are the best. I had a Cold Laser treatment on my broken rib. I feel alot better. I highly recommend Lombardo Chiropractor Clinic for all your medical needs!

  • Michael L Davis

    If you have a problem and you need a chiropractor … this is your place. Dr Lombardo is excellent and will have you feeling great in no time...all of the Dr's and staff are great..

    Marvin Stokes

    Being a bit of a skeptic, I brought my poor old body, wrecked by pain, in to see Dr Bruno for my first adult chiropractic treatment. Even though I am not from Missouri, I had a "Show Me" attitude. Well, let me tell you, I was totally shocked by how great I felt after treatment. Not only had my chronic back and neck pain been reduced to near nothing, Dr. "B" explained the techniques of Chiropractic she was using which enhanced the experience. The experiences have continued to rest in the Excellent Category and my pain and mobility have improved significantly. And I cannot omit the wonderful staff members of the Clinic. They are all knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and fun. Thanks to all of the Great Lombardo Chiropractic Clinic Doctors, therapists and staff.

    Mickie Westfall

    I went to Lombardo Chiropractic Clinic about 4 years ago for sciatic nerve problems. Dr. Bruno was so caring and with her skill and knowledge helped me immensely. All the staff at Lombardo Chiropractic Clinic was professional, helpful, and so friendly! Whenever I have a problem, I will return.

  • Michelle Present

    I have been going to Lombardo for over 2 yrs. the advanced activator method is what they use and i highly recommend it. I have been getting chiropractic adjustments for over 40 yrs furing which it solved my menstrual cramps, backaches, knee and neck adjustments (including sinus)... even for reflux when my diaphram got a little wacky. Linda's team are all super qualified and delightful to be treated by! Thanks

    Cheri Piromalli

    Excellent care the relief of back pain is amazing. Staff is professional and caring. I highly recommend Lombardo Chiropractic Clinic!

    Darla Roberts-Wickham

    Doctors and staff are all great! Thee best chiropractic office yet!


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