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Back & Neck Pain

From auto injuries to pain resulting from sports accidents, chronic headaches, sore joints or sciatic pain, Lombardo Chiropractic has the solution for you.

DTS Spinal Decompression is one of the techniques Lombardo Chiropractic utilizes to help people who supper from mild to severe neck and back pain. Decompression works by relieving pressure between vertebrae in a slow, controlled fashion to create a vacuum. This vacuum works to attrack the disc bulge or herniation back inside, which can drastically reduce pain. Oxygen and nutrient-rich fluids are also drawn into the injured region to help promote healing.

This FDA approved technology and method is more effective than traditional “traction” techniques that rely on power instead of finesse, and are often limited by spasm contractions. Depending on a variety of factors, many patients feel substantial relief after only 1-3 treatments, which last 25-30 minutes. Other injuries may require a regular regimen of up to 20-30 treatments for proper self-healing to occur, such as with herniated disks. Research has proven that patients often achieve full remission after a successful regimen.

Our team of experts at Lombardo Chiropractic can help you with the first critical step towards healing. Schedule a consultation to learn if decompression is right for you. Depending on the severity and chronicity of your condition, our doctors may request professional imaging of yoru compliant area for proper diagnosis. Once we review your complete condition and medical records, we will develop a specific treatment program for you.

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