• While learning to walk, chiropractic care can improve balance as well as correct spinal malfunction produced by falling.
  • Contact sports or repeated activities can interfere with proper growth during the developmental years.
  • Regular spinal checkups are particularly beneficial in the early stages of establishing the spinal curve and developing head support.
  • Many spinal problems seen in adults begin in childhood.
  • Chiropractic care can benefit the developing baby and help reduce the complications of labor.

Many new born health complaints can be traced back to the stress that is put upon the spine during the birthing process. Unexplained crying, breathing problems, colic, poor appetite, and even some environmental sensitivities can be caused by nervous system dysfunction from an improperly developing spine. Milestones such as head support, crawling, and baby’s first steps should be followed by chiropractic checkups to help prevent deformities later in life. The bumps and falls during this period of rapid growth can lead to a higher risk of scoliosis, “growing pains,” and a weakened immune response. Pregnant women benefit from regular chiropractic care as their center of gravity changes, which also changes the stress to the spine. Chiropractic care helps to relieve discomfort, and normalize nervous system function which is a great benefit to both mother and child.


We do things differently in our office. We perform our adjustments in a very gentle way. Our methods are modified to fit your child’s size, weight, and unique spinal condition. The technique we use is called Activator Methods. It is one of the most highly researched and technically developed ways of adjusting available to chiropractors. This method uses an Activator instrument to make the very specific adjustment without any cracking or twisting of the spine and body.


We have three Doctors of Chiropractic here in our office with more than 60 years of combined experience. That is a lot of knowledge to rely on! In conjunction with adjusting using the Activator, we utilize many forms of physical therapy modalities such as muscle stimulation, ultrasound, massage therapy, rehabilitation exercise, and cold laser to give the patient a comprehensive care plan to get them well as quickly as possible.


We are conveniently located at 1400 Hand Avenue in Ormond Beach. Our extensive office hours accommodate most busy schedules and most insurance plans are accepted. We would be happy to find out your insurance benefits for you. Just give us a call at (386) 673-0400 to see if chiropractic care is right for you and your child!

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