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I’ve been practicing chiropractic in the Daytona Beach area for 38 years. I was the second female chiropractor in the Daytona area. In 1987, I founded Lombardo Chiropractic Clinic in the Trails Shopping Center in Ormond Beach and recently relocated to our present location on Hand Avenue. I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. I did my undergraduate work at the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota and my chiropractic education at Northwestern College of Chiropractic. I graduated in 1980.

I live in Ormond Beach in a multigenerational home with my husband, John, our beautiful children, Andy and Emily, and both of our 93 year old moms. Our family also includes a Pug named Phoebe, a cat named Babe, and a cockatiel named Queenie. (He’s the best doorbell ever!)

I enjoy bicycling, boating, strength training and baking. Perhaps my greatest joy is the reward of returning patients to a normal, happy life through the care we provide at Lombardo Chiropractic Clinic.


I grew up in Jamestown, NY a small town in western NY. I moved to Daytona Beach in 1979 to attend college. I was greatly suffering with migraine headaches. I sought out many doctors and treatments without relief. I then became a chiropractic patient of Dr. Lombardo’s in 1991. After only 1 week of treatments my headaches were gone! It was life changing for me and my family!

This sent me on my road to becoming a chiropractor myself. I moved my family to Seneca Falls, NY to attend New York Chiropractic College. I graduated with honors in 1997. I moved my family yet again to Pittsburgh, PA where I was in practice for 8 years. I missed Florida and my family here and had the great opportunity to rejoin Dr. Lombardo once again, but this time around as a colleague.